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Diane spent her memorable childhood in Pure Michigan, a lived in Chi-town burbs, and currently resides in sunny Arizona.. She holds a BSW, AAS in Graphic Design, and a Web Design Certificate. Her  outstanding skills include:Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Adobe In-Design, Illustrator, Painter, Fireworks, and Flash.  Art is her passion, expressed through her illustrations, photography, and digital designs. Her illustrations include: Pen & Ink, Acrylics, Airbrush, Colored Pencil, and Watercolor. Background photo: Point Loma shores of San Diego. It shows her zen for swimming and  love to be near the oceanr's rejuvenating properties. 

As an author of historical fiction, Diane has authored: 

Shadows to Sunshine, Our Park Stewart Line, 2002 © Diane Sleger


Shadows to Sunshine, Our Quade Mester Line, 03MAY2020 © Diane Sleger


Shadows to Sunshine, Our Maas Line, 01FEB2020 © Diane Sleger


Shadows to Sunshine, Our Leffingwell Line, OCT 2018 © Diane Sleger


The Great War, A Soldier’s View, OCT 2017 © Diane Sleger

Diane as an Editor, Illustrator, and Correspondent, she published: One Lucky Combat Infantryman, 6DEC 2017 © Paul H. Sleger. Available at: 

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